Online physiotherapy

We at Käsikeskus Avosektori have been actively engaged in the development of online physiotherapy and are not able to offer effective rehabilitation services even remotely.

This may be a great option if you live far away from us or if you are prevented by illness or quarantine to see us face to face. You may also find it useful whenever you need a brief consultation or a revision of instructions already provided.

What online physiotherapy means?

Online physiotherapy means that you will have access to your therapist in an interactive video meeting. You will be interviewed, your condition will be assessed and your exercises will be monitored individually as in a regular physiotherapy session. The difference, of course, will be the absence of examination and guidance by touch.

Our remote consultations are implemented through the Zoom-video conferencing platform, for which you will be given instructions in advance. You will also receive a link that helps you get acquainted with the program beforehand and, for instance, test the audio volume of your computer. You will need a web camera and a microphone, which should be included as standard in the newer laptops. Virtual physiotherapy can also be provided via a mobile phone or a tablet, but the larger screen of a computer will make it easier for you.

Physiotools Remote Trainer is a software that we are successfully using for sharing clear and simple video instructions for you to follow on your screen. To prepare for an online session, we recommend that you have all the necessary equipment at hand as well as a calendar to schedule a follow-up treatment date.

Your rehab plan may include both in-person and remote physiotherapy. You can discuss with your therapist to agree on the most appropriate combination. For more information please contact your physiotherapist or our office at (03) 3124 3100.