physiotherapy at käsikeskus avosektori

Your first session will begin with initial assessment to identify the issue, after which the therapist and you together work out a treatment plan. Self-motivated exercise is often a major part of rehabilitation and we will encourage customers to start exercising at home as early as possible. In therapy sessions we use suitable exercises, carry out supporting treatments and ease pain and swelling, depending on your needs.

According to your specific needs, physiotherapy may include:

  • Therapeutic exercise: Mobility, stability and strength training
  • Join mobilization
  • Soft tissue treatment
  • Treatment to help swelling
  • Kinesiology taping
  • Paraffin & laser therapy
  • Hand clinic
  • Small group training

By mutual agreement, we are prepared to provide physiotherapy services online. Please ask for details from your therapist or at your office.

Our gym is available for independent exercise through the course of your physiotherapy treatment, or with a small fee, thereafter. After completed treatment period, you are welcome to continue exercising in our hand groups under the watchful eye of a physiotherapist. Our hand groups and hand clinic are an excellent opportunity to treat minor conditions of the wrist or shoulder and even to prevent issues without preceding physiotherapy appointments.

HAND Therapy

Hand therapy is a special form of physiotherapy and occupational therapy focusing on the prevention and rehabilitation of problems affecting fingers, hand and arm. Hand therapy provided by a physiotherapist involves exercises designed to improve the range of motion, control and strength of the hand and arm, join and soft tissue treatments, cold and heat treatments, as well as advice in the purchase and use of braces, supports and aids that may be needed.

At Avosektori, hand therapy is performed by physiotherapists specializing in the treatment of upper extremities. Professional rehabilitation after finger or wrist surgery is essential to ensure good recovery. In some cases, appropriate rehabilitation exercise can help avoid surgical intervention.